The first Average Indian Fast

Hi all, hope you can join us in the first Average Indian Fast tomorrow. This will be first of many (hopefully frequent) times in which we relive our month-long of experience of living at Rs. 100/day. If you need help planning your expenses for the day, you can refer to this post. We have created a spreadsheet – similar to the one we used – that you can use to keep track of your food expenses. Please add and label a new tab with your name/pseudonym.  Do join the facebook event page here, so we can all discuss our experience later.

What to cook? We don’t want to be too prescriptive, but you can take ideas from our facebook album on food. We will also be posting on the facebook event page about things we will be doing and eating. How to get to work? Try sharing rides or public transport – but it will be a tough stretch if your work place is more than 5 – 10 km. Trying walking some distance? Switch off that heather/AC. Try to switch off fridge too if you can!

Let’s single handedly bring down food-inflation (even if it is only for one day) ! Good luck!

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