The commencement

Two months after our experiment ended, we had the chance on December 28 to discuss our experience and learnings to the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia. As many of you know, the Commission is responsible for setting policy on many social programs that benefit the average and the poor India, among them the poverty line. Given the uproar over the Commission setting the number at Rs. 32/person/day in late September, we were pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Ahluwalia receptive to many of our ideas and suggestions. We formally handed over our blog report to him as well. (We hope to make the report publicly available soon – in the meanwhile, lookout for our upcoming experiment executive summary post.)

Given this very positive response from a Cabinet Minister ranking official, we hope to continue our outreach efforts to the government as well as the private sector on how they can incorporate our findings into policies and corporate social responsibility efforts, respectively.

8 Comments to “The commencement”

  1. All I can say is a Big THANK YOU. I hope you work will inspire today’s youth.

  2. I read your story on thehindu and I feel sad by the statement “sad reminder of the harsh reality that there are 400 million people in our country for whom such a meal will remain a dream for quite some time. ”

    Please do publish your report that you provided to the planning commission.

    And if you decide to take any steps or come up with a plan to improve the lives of the 400 million please share with me and the rest of the world, so that I and others can contribute.

  3. Appreciate all your efforts and also the insightful posts here on the blog. Look forward to the Executive summary and stuff you shared with Mr. Ahluwalia.

    Also, don’t you think our society is also a “stakeholder” in how poverty is managed or perceived? Belief such as, we’re born to be poor and its all in the hands of destiny? How do such such socio-cultural aspect of our society impact the overall scenanrio? Was just wondering.


  4. varumai nilaiyai alikka muyalum
    nam thesathin iru kankale
    unnidam allava irukirathu
    irulil irukkum nam makkalai
    velichathukku kondu vara vaikkum
    arivin aayuthagal…

  5. I just happened to read by, amazing is all I can say!
    In the meantime, it’s been more than a year since you had posted this. Any new intimations from the Ministry?

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