Rs. 100/day – Redux

Yesterday, we were on NDTV to discuss the Planning Commission’s new poverty line numbers:

2 Comments to “Rs. 100/day – Redux”

  1. Hi Matt & Tushar… I am jitendra Adappa from Mumbai… Would like to document your experiences in the form of a documentary. Where and when can I speak to you’ll…. My mail Id is and contact is 9820082093.

  2. Well India is poor exactly because of intelligent fools like you. Poverty is the worst of the worst. So living at Rs 32 a day is going to be extremely hard. There has to be a line drawn somewhere and there will be left liberal intelligent fools who will cry even if this line was drawn at Rs 100 a day. I am speaking as an Indian homo sapien with an IQ of 140. India is poor because of left liberal socialist pigs like the writers of this blog.

    I have lived too in a village. For more than a week, more like months and months. It is not at all hard to to live on Rs 32 a day. This calculation is done based on village prices and for a family of at least four. So lets say a village family has only Rs 100 a day for its family of four. More like Rs 25 a day.

    I will tell you the cost of food items in an average rural village in MP. Lets say this family wants to eat as healthy food as possible. The below is for a day.

    1. 1 Litre of Milk = Rs 15

    2. Tea/Sugar/masala/other small food items = Rs 10

    3. 1/2 Kg Rice and Wheat for rotis = Rs 15 (average quality) (Highest quality village rice costs Rs 30 per kg)

    4. Electricity Bill = Rs 5

    5. Miscellaneous daily items = Rs 5

    So a family has Rs 50 to spend for the food for the entire day. Village prices for onions, potatoes, common vegetables is always in the range of 10 to 15 per kg which is enough for one family for a day. Dal is the most expensive item. So the just above poverty family has to make do with the near lowermost quality of dal. And even replace it sometimes with soyabean and eggs for the equivalent proteins.

    In fact if a family is prudent they can save weekly and buy the Rs 80 a kg chicken at least twice a week.

    And remember the above assumes almost no assets other than the Rs 100 a day. If a family has a cow. The milk is free. If a family has even half acre land then the rice + a few vegetables etc could be free. Also remember the government guarantees 100 days of wages every year thanks to the taxes from the hardworking middle class idiots of India. Also remember there is a labour shortage all across India which means if a male or female really wants to work it is really not that hard to find work at all. Of course since left liberal socialist pigs guarantee freebies galore why bother working. The middle class idiots in Indian cities are always there to work there ass of for them.

    The bastards who keep India poor are left liberal socialist pigs like the blog writers who think of themselves as successful if they float around socialist bullshit on their favourite channel NDTV. So if you idiots get to read this. Delete it you may but you know till your death that you are so wrong that it is criminal. India is poor exactly because of fools like you. Shame on you folks for being ginormously stupid.

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